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Case Study - Lease Option in CA

ROI: 171.83%

Profit: $111,670

Total Expenses: $63,330

Hold Time: 13 months

Exit Strategy: Sale to Tenant

Story: This lease option was a wild ride. The tenants were a brother & sister, but only the sister and her family lived in the house. She hadn't paid rent in 2 years at the time of purchase, and was unreachable. The brother got involved when the lack of rent was reported on his credit report, and expressed interest in buying the house. CA was also in the midst of an eviction moratorium. When the moratorium lifted, the sister suddenly reported squatters in the house. Our lawyer served the demand letter, and the "squatters", who had a signed lease with the sister, sent a copy of that lease to the lawyer. We then started pushing the brother to purchase, and after 6 months, he finally came through.

Lessons Learned:

  • Have everything queued and ready to go when a moratorium or deadline is lifted.

  • Have and enforce timelines with the borrower/tenant when they are seeking outside financing.


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