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Our Story

After traversing the traditional real estate investment path of rentals, flips, and multi-family, the founders at Magpie decided to focus on mortgage note investing.  The higher returns, access to nationwide inventory, and lower risk strategy of being the bank allows Magpie to diversify at a lower price point than traditional real estate.


Magpie's prior investments in traditional real estate provides a unique toolbox for managing non-performing mortgage notes.  While our main goal is to help the struggling homeowner re-perform, providing ongoing cash flow for the investor, each investment has a different story. We have a nationwide network of professionals that allow us to use the exit strategy that fits the property and provides the best return.  

Magpie Investments is a woman-run, alternative investment company focused on providing a tailored investment strategy for you, our partner, that will achieve results faster and with more control than traditional investing. 


When you choose to work with Magpie, you will receive a personalized investment plan focused on achieving your investment goals.

Meet The Team


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