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Case Study: The note that started it all - land in WA

This is the note that started me down the path of mortgage note investing. It's a performing note, and I'll keep it until it's paid off.


Story: Bought vacant land at a tax deed sale in November 2018. I was experimenting with different strategies for investing. The plan was to get the plans approved to build a good size house and garage on the lot. It was a 2 acre parcel, about 1 acre buildable, and it was land-locked (no recorded easement). You could access it from the end of a private driveway.

The house with the private driveway was in the process of being flipped, and new owners moved in, and started using my lot as a parking lot and storage. I reached out to the new owners, and asked if they were interested in expanding their property by 2 acres. If they weren't, we'd sell to a developer and they're rural feel would disappear. They bought the land in January 2000 with owner financing. It has been happily performing every since.


  • Total Expenses to purchase land and sell: $23,708.88

  • Sale Price: $40,000 (FMV close to $70k)

  • Financing Terms:

    • $5,000 down payment

    • 5 years with balloon

    • 6% interest

  • Annual Income: $4,668

  • Yield: 17.76%

  • ROI (at balloon): 87%

  • Hold Time: 6 years

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